Our Jeep Trails

Here are some examples of our jeep trails:

Jeep Tours in the Upper Galilee

We will start the trip in the village of Gush Halav and drive to the surrounding hills, called Givot Halav. We will reach a pool of water hidden between the wadis and from there we will drive to a viewpoint of the area and the Lebanese border.

We will continue towards Gush Halav stream, passing through the village of Gush Halav and stopping near the remains of the village’s old synagogue. At Gush Halav Stream, we will see stream vegetation, the remains of a flour mill, aqueducts, orchards and springs. We will reach the Baram Forest, and there we will connect to the Dishon River.

We will continue our journey along the banks of the Dishon River, enjoying the flow of the water, crisscrossing the stream several times and seeing the many wild flowers blooming on its steep slopes.

If there is currently no water flowing at that time in the Dishon river, we will drive through the Baram Forest to Ramat Dalton and pass through the unique village of Kadita, passing by Lake Dalton and ending the trip in the Ein Zeitim Forest.

Jeep Tours in the Lower Galilee

We will begin the trip in the Sheffer Forest parking lot. From there, we will drive through the remains of the village of Faradia to the upper part of the Zalmon Stream. We will reach the Beit Hakerem Valley, pass through the ancient olive groves in the valley, and drive through the Hazon Forest as we climb Mount Hazon. After taking in the spectacular view from Mount Hazon, we will drive down a steep and adventurous slope to the Sakhnin Valley. We will visit the Bedouin village of “Salameh” also known as Zalmon and enjoy  a cup of coffee and some Bedouin hospitality. From there,  we will continue the trip and pass along another section of the Zalmon Stream, climbing through the natural forest thicket to the summit of Mount Cumoon. There, from the top of the highest mountain in the Lower Galilee, we will enjoy a panoramic view of the area and finish the trip by the ancient olive trees.

Jeep Tours in the Southern Golan Heights

We will start the trip in “Bikat HaBticha”,  the “Promising Valley”, where we will pass through many areas of abundant vegetation and see springs and streams. We will reach the shore of the Sea of Galilee and drive along it. If we choose, we may take a break for a short walk by a flowing stream or for a dip in the Sea of Galilee. From the Bticha Valley, we will climb the western slopes of the Golan Heights, drive through Nahal Shefmanon to Horbat Kanaf, where we will see the remains of a Syrian village that was once a Jewish village, and where several remains from the synagogue can still be found. From Horbat Kanaf, which is situated at the top of the Golan slopes, we will take in the view of the entire area. We will continue the trip, crossing Nahal Kanaf and reaching Ramot, where we will end our trip.

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