Night Trip

The experience of the night trip is different from the day trip experience, and it is very special.

The recommended duration of the trip is an hour and a half to two hours. It is suited to the spring and summer seasons which allow for a trip in nature during the cool and pleasant evening hours.

We recommend starting the trip with the last rays of daylight, enjoying the color the setting sun paints nature, before sunset, taking a small coffee break right when it starts to get dark, and then continuing for a night trip.

At night, we have a view of the lights and get to know the environment at night. We illuminate the area with projectors and search for (and usually find) the animals that are around, and going out into the nightlife.


During the nocturnal ride, we can hear the noises of the night and see the sparkling eyes of deer, wild boars, jackals, foxes, and a variety of wildlife active at night.

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