Romantic Jeep Trips

What more can you ask for on a romantic getaway in the Galilee than a beautiful zimmer, a romantic meal and a relaxing massage shared with your partner? We cater for couples who are looking for some romance in nature and we have created a couple’s trip at sunset, a romantic jeep trip.

Every couple needs an occasional romantic vacation in the North. Relaxing in the zimmer, sitting on the terrace with a cup of coffee, lazily watching the birds fly by, reading a book on the hammock without noticing the passing of time, watching movies and solving crossword puzzles. 

What else do you really need on a romantic vacation?

We wanted to provide you with the fine air of the Galilee together with the stunning scenery surrounding Amirim, and combine it all into some quality time for couples with a romantic jeep trip.

This all takes place at the beautiful hour when the sun descends and the world slows down. These graceful moments are the perfect time for a romantic jeep trip, to give thanks for the time to take a break, and breathe in the cool air with the spectacular vistas from the mountain and valley with the breeze gently blowing into the jeep. 

The world is open, the jeep is open and your heart opens too. After about an hour and a half you will take a short walk, hand in hand, far from the noises of everyday life, and surrender to the tranquil silence. 

On a couple’s jeep trip, we combine a jeep ride along the mountain trail above Amirim with sitting in nature with a glass of wine in your hand and finally a short walk at the end of the route.

The Romantic Trip at Sunset: Fun and Wine with a Beautiful View

A trip at sunset, in a mountainous area in the Upper Galilee, amidst many pine trees and ancient olive trees, in front of the vistas of the Beit Kerem Valley, the Galilee and the Sea of Galilee.

This trip is often a surprise given by one of the partners to the other. 

After a jeep trip of around an hour and a half, the couple get off the jeep for a short and leisurely walk and the jeep drives away. The couple arrive in surprise at a relaxing and intimate spot overlookingf the view, with a mat, two chairs and good wine, for some magical moments of togetherness. This could be the perfect location for a marriage proposal.

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