Trips in the North for Family Fun in Nature

These are especially suitable for trips of two to four hours. There is no age limit.

The secret of the family trip is that it can suit every family, according to their specific needs, desires and the age of the participants.The family trip is built to provide variety and plenty of interest. (experiential travel, travel to special places, forests, spectacular vistas, springs, streams and more).

Water tours: These take place along the springs at the foot of the Golan Heights and combine paddling in the cool water, submersion in hidden pools of water, and views of the valley, or along the streams and springs in the Upper Galilee.

Winter hikes: Winter is a wonderful season for jeep tours: the air is clean, everything is green and flourishing, the weather is usually fresh and pleasant, and sometimes surprising puddles, flowing streams, or a rainbow are encountered. 

The pick-up for the trip can be from your accommodation or from a suitable meeting point.

Jeep Tours for Families – Or, Why Take the Family on a Family Jeep Tour?

We are actually in favor of taking walking hikes and as many as possible. After all, when you walk on the ground, you connect to it best and when you exhale from exertion, you appreciate the clear water in your drinking bottle the most. And then there are the sights to be seen from the mountain top. There is no substitute for the feeling of satisfaction once you have reached the top of the mountain. 

But, it is not always possible to walk long distances with small children, sometimes it is too hot to walk far and sometimes you need something experiential that will connect all ages from nursery to high school. It is at these times that it is apt to go on jeep tours for families. Everyone gets excited about the adventurous breeze blowing in the jeep, and are eager to jump in and set off.

In jeep tours for families, we combine travel to special places, breathtaking views and visits to the springs, sometimes picking wild raspberries or some figs along the way, dipping our feet in the spring in Gush Halav Stream or wetting our heads in the flowing waters at Ein Alva. We could visit the historical remains of an ancient synagogue standing among orchard trees or just rest our bones on the top of a mountain.

Where we go is not important. What matters is the change of pace and seeing the natural beauty from a different perspective . And of course let’s not forget the trip in the open jeep – which is itself a special experience.

In jeep tours for families that last three hours or longer, we include a short break for tea prepared by Yoram from herbs he picked along the way. 

Another little tip from experience, when we would go on a family jeep trip when the kids were small, we would take a ball with us. During the breaks, we would play ball and enjoy quality time together making the most of the adrenaline and good spirits and appreciating the  scenery around us. A family jeep trip is one of the simplest things to do and highly recommended to add as an experience to your virtual-family album of experiences. 

Jeep trips take place in every season and under all weather conditions. Family Jeep trips are a wonderful addition to your family vacation.

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