Eretz HaGalil - A Well Established Complex of Guest Houses in Amirim

Amirim, is a vegetarian and vegan village, located in the heart of the Galilee and it is a unique phenomenon in Israel and around the world.


Since the first days of its existence, Moshav Amirim has been a magnet for many visitors from all over the country (and the world). In the beginning, these were visitors who wanted to rest for a few days, in the heart of the Green Galilee, to soak in the great beauty of Amirim and to experience the healthy and peaceful lifestyle of its inhabitants. In those early days, the residents of Amirim would entertain the visitors in their homes, in special rooms set aside for guests from the center of the country. The visitors would experience the customary lifestyle of the village with the family members, and they would sit together at the family dining table to eat their meals, which were vegetarian of course.


Hikes in nature, in the nature reserves surrounding Amirim on all sides, were also enjoyed by the guests of those days and in fact, this tradition has recently been renewed following work done by Amirim residents to renew the hiking trails around Amirim.


In the long evenings, at dusk, with the spectacular sunsets over the Galilee mountains, Amirim guests, who did not have TVs or DVDs, would enjoy folk dances with the locals in their yards or in the Beit Ha’Am community center. Sometimes they would listen to talks about health, vegetarianism and veganism from experts who lived in Amirim or other guests who were visiting. 


Around this time, it is difficult to know when exactly, the family home became too crowded for both its occupants and the guests. Someone decided to empty their family storage shed in the yard, furnish it with the best rustic furniture of the day, perhaps even install a “shower” for the guests’ convenience in one corner and receive guests in this storage shed, which became an overnight guest room. If a large museum existed documenting the history of the “Zimmers in the Galilee”, a renovated storage shed would surely have entered the halls of the museum, with an explanatory sign below it: the first Zimmer in the Galilee.


The time was the days of innocence and pioneering, and the inhabitants of Amirim devotedly nurtured the new born industry. No one knew in those days that they were a partner in the creation of history, in the first steps of an industry, which began with hesitation and eventually became a leading financial enterprise for many Galilee residents, and a central trend in the leisure culture of Israeli vacations.


In 1995, the Ministry of Tourism declared Amirim the first tourist village of its kind in Israel and among the quiet hills of the Galilee, the culture of zimmers in the Galilee came into being. Here, on the green hills of Amirim, the first zimmers in the Galilee came into existence. Today, after many years of flourishing and prosperity, Amirim leads the rural tourism industry in the Galilee. In fact, for many people, “Zimmers in the Galilee” is synonymous with “Zimmers in Amirim”.


Amirim is located right in the heart of the Galilee, in a region called “Merom Hagalil”. It is situated in the middle of the region, close to all the popular tourist centers in the Galilee, and offers its guests a wide variety of activities and attractions, turning a stay in Amirim’s zimmers to more than just a zimmer vacation.Today, after a long period of prosperity, Amirim still leads the rural tourism industry in the Galilee. Year after year, thousands of visitors continue to visit Amirim, from Israel and all over the world.


Today, those wanting a vacation in the Galilee will find a rich and varied selection of over 150 zimmers in Amirim, each offering different styles and amenities, suitable for all walks of life and every pocket. Zimmers in Amirim are, without a doubt, a mirror of the great creativity of the residents of Amirim, who accompanied the zimmer in the Galilee from the birth of the first zimmer until today. The styles are many and varied: a romantic zimmer for couples, a wooden cabin, a stone cabin, a family zimmer, a villa for families or groups of friends, a zimmer with a spa, a luxury zimmer, a down to earth zimmer and many more… Everyone can find the exact zimmer to perfectly suit their needs and desires, and at the right price to suit them so that they can enjoy this special experience, which so many have already experienced, zimmers in Amirim.


Amirim is a magnet for a diverse group of people who have chosen to live here, thus contributing to the complementary industry that accompanies the zimmers in Amirim, and enriching the vacation experience for the guests in the zimmers. Amirim has a large number of spa centers and holistic therapists who offer a wide range of almost all types of spa treatments to the guests in Amirim’s zimmers. Spa treatments perfectly match  the healthy ecological image of Amirim and the consciousness of the zimmer guests. You can also find in Amirim many vegetarian restaurants offering a wide selection of vegetarian cuisine, as well as cafes, a home bakery for bread and healthy cakes, galleries with local works of art, souvenir and unique gift shops, a garden for Galilean herbs and tea, a yoga and meditation center, natural healers offering various healing methods, spectacular viewpoints of the Galilee and the Sea of Galilee, hiking trails in nature, challenging cycling trails, fascinating jeep tours in nature and the list goes on.


All of this, together with the crisp and clear mountain air, the spectacular panoramic views, and the special tranquillity of the hills, has rightly made Amirim the zimmers capital in the Galilee.

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