Excursions in the Amirim Area that are Suitable for Couples.

Departure is from Amirim, or another meeting point in the area.

The driver of our jeep is a professional guide and an experienced driver. He has a wealth of knowledge of the area and will share interesting explanations of the places you visit. .

Pick up is from the Zimmer in Amirim or from one of the villages nearby. The trip is a beautiful Galilean excursion and will last between one and a half to two hours. One of the  routes is in the Amirim area and we will enjoy scenic views, forests and reach the waterfalls in Farod. There we will enjoy a short walk next to the flowing stream.

A different route is to the Gush Halav area, with access to water sources such as Gush Halav Stream, upper Dishon Stream, Ein Alwa, HaAyin HaKahula Waterfall and more.

The trip can take place at any hour of the day and we provide a discount for couples.

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