Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) Family Suite

The Kinneret Suite contains a double bedroom.

From there, stairs lead up to the gallery floor,

which is suitable mainly for children under 14 and can accommodate

three children who like the feeling of an attic.

Young children and toddlers can also sleep in the bedroom with their parents.

The suite has two entrances: one to the sleeping area and the Jacuzzi

and the other to the spacious dining area overlooking the view.

There is enough space to comfortably accommodate 12 people.

The suite is suitable for those who are interested in sitting in front of the view,

as well as for those who come with friends staying in the neighboring suites.

The Suite includes:

Jacuzzi   *   Cable TV   *   Air Conditioners   *   Highly equipped Kitchen   *   Coffee Machine


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